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123MOVIES – Go MOVIES 123 – Best Primewire Unblocked Alternative

Primewire Unblocked

Looking for 123MOVIESGoMOVIES 123 or Best Primewire Unblocked Alternative ? Here are 12 best alternative of PrimeWire123Movies or GoMovies 123

Best Alternative of Primewire Movie

When it comes to watching movies online, we cannot forget Primewire.  Primewire has a lot of genre to choose from and their streaming quality is superb. Apart from their many options of genre and streaming quality, Primewire has an amazing streaming speed.

They have a perfect platform for streaming movies online but there exist other best alternatives to consider.  You just need a good connection of internet and a TV or a computer.

Streaming movies online has become popular than going out to the cinemas due to the busy schedule of people.

There are many sites to watch movie from but the sites listed below are safe for your computer, will not require you to download movie in order to watch, are legal to use and have lot of movies to choose from.

Also, the movie streaming sites we have reviewed below are rated as the best prime wire alternatives. This is because they provide latest movie, their streaming speed is great, many offer free access to movies, and their streaming quality is good.

12 Best Alternative of Primewire Movie

Here is a list of Best Alternative of primewire movie which I will discuss later on; Putlocker, Solar Movies, Cool Movie Zone, 123Movies, NITER, Afdah, PopcornfliX, MovieZion, WOMOVIE, Viooz , MOVIE25, VUMOO.


  1. PutLocker

Putlocker is one of the popular streaming movie sites because of its huge collection of movies to watch. It is a favorite online streaming site for TV serias and movies. Unlike Primewire Movie, their movies are categorized into year of release, genre, countries, cartoons and anime.

Get ready and go ahead and stream a HD movie from putlocker and you can opt to download too. It is also the best alternative of primewire movie because their site is easy to use, it is free to watch and download their movies.

Their movies are labeled with little information so it is easy to decide on the best movie to watch.

  1. Solar Movies

Watching movies online has been easier because of streaming movie sites like solar movies. If you are looking for a large collection of movies to choose from, then solar movies is the best to be.

A solar movie is a good alternative of primewire movie because it offers free streaming of movie and TV series all the time.  They have movies in HD too.

  1. CoolMovieZone

Primewire alternative like CoolMoviezone is a platform to stream movies online without paying a dime. You have the choice to browse lots of categories from 80s, 90s from their large selection of movies.

They do have recent movies to enjoy and their genres of movies include adventure, Bengali, action, Family, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, History, Horror, Reality-Tv, Romance, Trailer, Telugu, Musial Mystery, music etc.

  1. 123MOVIES

123movies had officially announced that they will shut down but instead started to charge to show respect to movie producers.

It is a popular movie streaming site that has a modern lay-out.  Movie lovers can browse its large database featuring different kinds of movies.

123MOVIES have been in the movie industry for some time now streaming movies and TV series. It has become popular with its easy navigation site.

It is easy to filter TV series and movies alphabetically and movies based on romance, action, family drama, comedy are plenty.

  1. Niter

Niter has an easy navigation website similar to Primewire Movie which makes it a decent alternative.  Its website is easy to use, resembling that of Neflix. It has a large collection of movies ranging from comedies, action to name a few.

You have the option to choose movies based on the year they were released. After clicking on the movie that you want to watch, there is a brief and a trailer to know more about the movie. It is free to watch movies but ads will keep popping up at some point so if you have an ad-blocker; it will definitely help you.

  1. Afdah

This is one of the best alternatives of Primewire Movie because of its well designed site and other features. Its huge library of movies features 27 genres like comedies, action, Family movies, Horror, Comic to name a few.

Its database can be searched based on year of release of a movie, director, actor or title. You can also select the language that you want at the site, a feature not available in PrimeWire Movie.  This is one of the movie streaming sites that has an excellent user support.

Afdah users can report a broken link of a movie and the support always take cares of it as soon as possible. It is a safe and reliable site to stream movie making it one of the best alternatives of primewire movie.

The site is compatible with many devices like iPad, mobile phone and computer.

  1. Popcornflix

You will likely see many movies than you have seen in theater. The majority of Popcornflix movies are foreign films, wild life, documentaries, Spanish flicks, and family shows. Popcornflix has the option of reading subtitles when streaming a foreign film.

It has an easy to navigate site and some fun categories of movies like, Bromance before Romance.  R rated movies are also available where one is required to verify their age by entering their birth date information.

Streaming quality is not HD but it is acceptable. Like other free movie streaming site, they have ads that appear throughout the movies though you have the option of skipping some.

  1. MovieZion

This is a good alternative of Primewire Movie. People wishing to stream movies or TV series on this site don’t need to sign up, you just put the name of the movie and you are good to go. Another special feature of this Primewire alternative is displaying top 200 movies so it is easy to select favorite movies.

There is a brief information regarding the movies and their ratings give movies lovers the idea about them. MovieZion has an enormous collection of movies, 40,000 full length movies. There are subtitles for the movies for easy understanding especially foreign ones.

  1. WoMovie

For the movie lovers looking for new releases, then WoMovie is the right place for you.  They like frequently updating their database with new and latest movies. Theiy have a large collection of movies like comedies, action, Family to name a few and they are available for free.

Their database is organized according to release year of the movie and genre. You can search movie by title, genre or release year and it will display in their search results. Too bad the site does not have the popularity it deserves.

  1. Viooz

Viooz is a great free movie streaming hub and totally ad free and that’s why we have included it in our list of our best alternative of PrimeWire Movie. It has a simple to use interface which makes its users to find easily the movies they want to stream online.

The rate of buffering of Viooz is low so the experience of streaming movies and TV series on this site is good for everyone. They have an option of downloading HD quality movies which you can watch later. It is a great source of entertainment and an alternative to PrimeWire Movie.

  1. Movie25

Like PrimeWire Movie, Movie25 charges nothing to stream their movies and TV series. This includes downloading where their users can watch them later. They have a huge collection of  movies and TV shows also. It is a great source of entertainment and its users are not required to register in order to access their movies.

Their guests are welcomed to find movie based on release year, title and genre and it will appear in their search results of streaming. It is at Movie25 you can get latest episodes of TV shows and even download movies in good qualities.  Take advantage of its HD quality feature to enjoy your movies better.

  1. Vumoo

Vumoo is a great PrimeWire Movie alternative as it has a large collection of movies and TV shows. It is however for users who actually know what they want to watch because it does not display related searches like PrimeWire Movie.

It is designed to search for an exact title. The best part of Vumoo is that it updates its TV shows and movies on regular basis so it is really helpful when it comes to watching different episodes of the same show.

Features of Best Alternative of Primewire Movie

Finding the best alternative of Primewire movie can be challenging because popular movie streaming sites often disappear expectedly.  The result is that movie lovers need to look for alternatives and that’s why we have come up with this guide.

There are many alternatives of Primewire movie but many are of poor quality, charge a lot or their streaming speed is bad. Nevertheless, once good movie streaming sites have been found, watching movie online becomes much easier. Bookmark this post for future reference.

In the field of entertainment, there are many movie streaming sites to choose from and the following features make our list of alternative of Primewire movie the best.

Streaming Sites without Sign Up

Gone are the days when we waited for movie to come on TV. No more bookcases piled with DVDs. At the arrival of Internet, tons of movie streaming sites have increased on the web. The best thing about movie streaming sites is that you don’t have to sign up, you are your own boss and decide which movie to watch and at your convenient time.

Large Collection of movies

The best alternatives of primewire movie discussed here have a wide selection of movies including Oscar winning, action movies, Comedies, Comic and a massive library of foreign films.  Some don’t specify the number of movies they have but one can see their big library of movies and TV shows.

Streaming Free

Most of the best alternative of Primewire Movie discussed here let you stream their movies for free.  There are those that offer free movies currently in movie theaters like Vumoo and Solar Movie.

Although watching movie online for free is associated with piracy, there are many free, legal streaming movie sites. Most of the free movies available are public domain. The films’ ownership has become common property.

Movies lovers can also find big budget releases that are often ad-supported though there are not many sites offering latest releases with free streaming movies. Instead, you will mostly get movies dating a few months to several years back.  You can find original productions though such as Snatch TV series on Crackle.

If you want latest releases, you can get free trials for 30 days with premium movie streaming sites such as Netflix but remember to cancel.

Streaming movie online from a credible source is more important to avoid problems. The free sites mentioned in this page are legal to use and safe. However, be alert with any site that wants you to install new video players or upgrade. Make sure your anti-virus is on.

Movie streaming sites like Popcornflix are a great alternative if you will be out of your home with your family and you will be in a place with good internet.

Streaming Quality

Some of the best alternatives of Primewire Movie have gained popularity for their superb streaming quality. Good quality streaming lets you watch your favorite films and TV clearly. You do not need to download them, but play on your computer and mobile devices using a good internet connection.

Best alternative of Primewire movie reviewed here gives you unlimited access to good quality movies. Please note that the resolution at which you stream movies or TV series online depends on your internet speed.

If your internet connection is good, some provider offers resolutions of up to 720p, which is good. It is possible now to stream movies and TV series on a smart TV which are web enabled. They allow streaming of movies without having to connect to your mobile phone or computer.